My peer review partner is Joao, click here to see his blog!

His primary content is food and restaurant reviews! He gives an informative perspective on restaurants in the Lower Mainland. 


First Impression

From the first glance his blog is easily navigable! His categories are sorted into a header menu which is nice for finding specific posts. The post format is unique, as you scroll through the feed you see the whole post rather than just a snippet – I think this is formatted into the theme.

Blog Stream

The blog stream posts have a good range of information about the restaurant and his personal rating of the establishment. I like that he gave a rating out of five, but is this rating for the overall restaurant or the meal? To make this stand out more I would suggest using the ‘rating’ widget so the audience can have a visualization of the rating. I liked that he included images of the meals he ate. His reviews are not very text heavy, so if you like the fast facts his site would be good for you. Personally I would like more from a review. For example, how he found the restaurant or recipe, what he ordered, thoughts on the meal/place. A last suggestion for this section, for personal blogs I would like to have had links connecting to the restaurants website (if applicable). Overall I enjoyed blog posts and would come back again for some fun recipes and suggestions of where to eat.

Academic Stream

Joao has a lot of categories in his menu dedicated to different aspects of the Posiel course. I feel that he could consolidate all the categories under the header of Posiel and attach them as subcategories (after looking at process post 3 I believe he already has plans to change this). In regards to the content of the process posts, they have a lot more substance than the personal posts. I find the detail of these pieces more engaging than his blog posts. I feel that his has a developing voice right now, but I am confident that he will have a stronger more consistent voice the more he blogs.


From the launch page of the blog, one thing that is disengaging is grey colour. Considering that this is mostly a food review blog the colour grey is not very appetizing. My recommendation would be to choose a more attractive colour or set an image as the background. Perhaps his favourite dish or an him eating. I like the theme he chose and feel that it compliments the type of blog he is writing. Another suggestion I would like to make is that there are inconsistencies with titles. Some posts have clear titles and others don’t, unifying this aspect would be beneficial for this style of blog.

About Page

I could not find an “About” section, so it is hard to truly get a feel for the creator of this content. I feel an about page would help tie together loose ends in my mind. Once I develop a better understanding of who Joao is I think I can better relate to his content.


Joao’s blog has the opportunity to engage a wide audience! Food reviews, restaurant suggestions and recipes can be enjoyed by just about anyone. This blog is more informative than descriptive, which in itself plays to a particular audience. I believe if  you are looking for a good place to eat and want a quick, concise review Joao’s blog caters to that audience.

Final Thoughts

Joao has a good concept and I believe he is working on his blog construction. Overall I enjoyed his reviews and his recipe. I would’ve left some feedback on his page but I cannot see any comments section. I will definitely come back to see how the blog grows and develops. Perhaps I’ll even take up some recommendations if I’m in the area! 

Great blog Joao!